My First Award ;)

Thank you so much dribblingpensioner for the honour, I have never been awarded anything before so I am chuffed to bit’s x

7 random things you didn’t know about me,

1 Both my little toes have 2 nails on them

2 I have eaten 3 Tequila worms

3 I can’t let my egg and tomatoes mix if I have a fry-up

4 I once met Pinky and Perkys’ voice

5 I love the feel of latex gloves

6 I love the smell of tar on the road

7  I still have the 1st baby tooth I ever lost

I know I’m supposed to pass this award on to 15 other people, but I don’t think I have visited 15 other blogs yet so I will be leaving it for a few days, there are a few I have in mind though. I’ll sticky this so I don’t forget. Thank you again x

Here is where I’m up to, not quite 15 but I’ve been given my final warning to get back on the sofa lol.

In no particular order they are,

desperatedaisy I love her blogs, she puts into words what I’m going through now but can’t express as well.

creepypants totally off the wall but fascinating. We all know a creepy pants don’t we.

ardpete I don’t know what turned hatred into insanity but he’s a good honest read and funny.

Maxim gotta love the madness

James Stafford I like the sounds.

timethief  I’ve learned a lot from her cool site and her mantlepiece is probably sagging under the weight of all the awards she has, sorry timethief lol.

Ryan The tech nerd.

Social workin gal through humour we see the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Things I Never Thought I Would Do Again

I did them tonight …….

I wore sexy knickers and they felt good, “not that they were seen” maybe a bit farther down the line.

I put a bit of slap on “which I am taking off again as we speak”

I enjoyed the company of some-one I would like to get to know more, we communicated and it felt good

I drank a pint of real ale.

I had my 4th first kiss.

I feel happy.

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Cynical Or Right?

As a people watcher, by choice, not profession, “unless you would like to pay me, for doing what I enjoy most” anything under-hand will be taken on for the right price lol, I have come to the conclusion that the whole of humanity falls into 3 groups.

The Sneaky, The Hopeless and The Do-ers.

The Sneaky are the ones who will go after what they want and will usually get it, they don the cloak and become the Chameleon.
The Hopeless get what they want because they resemble a puppy, they follow and are kept on, because puppies are irresistible and are thrown scraps now and again, usually under the table.
The Do-ers well they are a force to be reckoned with, they will do anyone to get what they want.

Now what brought this up was my brother last night, he says I am a cynic and I argued the fact, I just know people!

I basically have a heart of gold, but I have been “all of the above” to get where I am now in my life.

Feedback would be great. What do you think?

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Pain? What Pain, “Hey Man Lets Party”

I just love these things is it any wonder the world is in a state lmao!

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