Cynical Or Right?

As a people watcher, by choice, not profession, “unless you would like to pay me, for doing what I enjoy most” anything under-hand will be taken on for the right price lol, I have come to the conclusion that the whole of humanity falls into 3 groups.

The Sneaky, The Hopeless and The Do-ers.

The Sneaky are the ones who will go after what they want and will usually get it, they don the cloak and become the Chameleon.
The Hopeless get what they want because they resemble a puppy, they follow and are kept on, because puppies are irresistible and are thrown scraps now and again, usually under the table.
The Do-ers well they are a force to be reckoned with, they will do anyone to get what they want.

Now what brought this up was my brother last night, he says I am a cynic and I argued the fact, I just know people!

I basically have a heart of gold, but I have been “all of the above” to get where I am now in my life.

Feedback would be great. What do you think?

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6 Responses to Cynical Or Right?

  1. sami116 says:


    But I would prefer to be called Surreptitious or maybe sly rather than sneaky 😛

  2. I think once you find, engineer or create a way to survive within your means simply and sensibly, you can leave all three groups behind and live more compassionately and ethically. I know what you mean, though. The pressure to conform to a life of overwork in order to over-consume is immense. It warps and cajoles people into the groups you’ve described. It took me until age 50 to understand this and change direction.

  3. jagit says:

    I agree, I have never been materialistic I dont see the point of the hard slog and shoot me dead if I ever conform, our Mother “Earth” is doing her best to support us and we are just ripping the life and heart out of her because we need things, You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need ” The Stones” and it is true.
    Thanks x

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