This Tickled Me.

For those of you easily offended, look away now, look out of the window or something, it offended me that much, I’m watching the pigeons humping on the roof of the house opposite x
Sexist Advert
I came across this when I was “granny surfing” ooh that sounds rude, but hey I was here before surf was, how were they able to get away with it lol.

If you have come across stuff like this, I would love to see it x

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9 Responses to This Tickled Me.

  1. I have just subscribed to your site, if you would like to do the same on mine. If you do, just click the follow button top left.

    Have you ever thought of having a blogroll.

    Did you put this post into the showcase in the forum.


  2. jagit says:

    Thank you Harry, thats sweet x I have added a Blogs I Like page, thanks for the suggestion, you are at the top.

  3. Pete Howorth says:

    Hahahahaha, I’ll show that to my girlfriend!

  4. jagit says:

    It had me howlin, bad isn’t it lmao!

  5. the blogroll is a great job, like my own its a page, and i will add you to mine to-night.

    I see Pete is in as well, your right i think he is insane as well but i like his site 🙂

  6. jagit says:

    I stole it from you, sorry I hope you don’t mind, I haven’t got to grips with the blogroll thing yet x

    • Use what ever you like thats what its for , but not everyone thinks so, did you read my UNOFFICIAL COPYRIGHT NOTICE , its as bad as some of my posts 🙂

      What you do if you like a blog which you go to ask if you can swap blogrolls and you will get more visitors, thats really what its for.

  7. midaevalmaiden says:

    Ha this was a good one. Not only is the whole thing funny but they are selling Lysol. Down there?!!! wow.

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