Let me just run this by you……..

Can you see where I am going with this, ” said with a drawl” yes I’m going to have a moan about “adverts” the worst offenders being those aimed at women, especially younger women, if it did what it said on the tin surely they wouldn’t have to enhance it, would they?

Advertisers need to be taken down a peg or two in my opinion, I bet their Mums washed their mouths out with that lovely new soap that is proven to make you skin soft and silky smooth in week when they lied as kids…… Slick

When was the last time you bought lets say Mascara guaranteed to make those sparse blonde lashes of yours luscious and six-foot long, only to be disappointed and out-of-pocket? Or the anti-wrinkle cream aimed at the older lady but modeled by a young slip of a thing who wont get her first wrinkle for another 30 years or so, well there ya go.

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2 Responses to Let me just run this by you……..

  1. Man, isn’t that the truth. Sometimes I think my primary job as a parent has been teaching my kids to read/view advertisements critically. Well, that and keeping them alive and not pregnant 🙂

  2. jagit says:

    “Keeping them alive and not pregnant” with two daughters myself I know….Love that……

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